Wal-Mart Janitors

Attorney Profiles

Lawyers with extensive federal labor and employment law experience are counsel to the Wal-Mart janitors.

Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP ("CWS")
For over 60 years, CWS has advanced the interests of workers and their unions. CWS lawyers have extensive experience in complex federal litigation nationwide. James L. Linsey, the lead CWS lawyer, together with his partner, Thomas N. Ciantra, who head the CWS team here, in 2003 successfully completed 8 years of wage and hour litigation against the Pepsi Bottling Group for the hundreds of employees they represented. This case resulted in a recovery of close to $30 million in back pay, fines and penalties.

This website is sponsored by the attorneys for the Plaintiffs and represents their views of the case. The Federal District Court for the District of New Jersey has not authorized or approved this website or its content. Developments in this matter, including rulings by the Court, may be viewed by clicking on the Case Developments link at the upper left corner.

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